Saturday, February 4, 2012

Harperism Is ... Native Dentistry

The Old White Man Double Standard
Harper is riding Chiefs for making $65,000 per annum for running the whole community, yet says nothing about dentists making $1,000,000 in the same time frame, in the same places!

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Harperism Is ... Controlling the Press

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Harperism Is ... Redefining "Ethical"

Apparently buying oil from Saudi Arabia is unethical, because of the way Saudi Arabia treat their women.
But since the Harper Government has approved the sale of 40% of the Tar Sands to China, plus plan to sell Canadian oil via a Northern Gateway pipeline to China, apparently the way China treats their women is ethical.

Harperism Is ... Breeding Hate!

Harperism Is ... Deceit!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Harperism Is ... Ridicule Chretien's Speech Impediment on National TV

Harperism Is ... Insulting Millions of Liberals Canada-wide!

Harper predicted the Liberal Party is dead.

Harperism Is ... Vile Statements!

The Conservatives were quick to get out, "Oh, but he has retracted his statement."
I am SICK and FED UP with this tactic.
Do you remember their making a cruel and vile remark about the sitting Prime Minister's physical facial disability, then quickly retracting their remark?
Who do they think I am? A jury member having to take a Judge's "disregard that comment" over and over again?
Well, I'm not and enough is enough.
This one has put me over the edge. The CONs say things to test us then if we get upset they come back with "Oh sorry".
Didn't Harper do this with the 65-67 pension thingie just last week in Europe?
They say them and MEAN THEM and I'm fed up with it!
The CONs are nothing but vile reformists.

Tory senator's idea: Give each murderer a rope inside their prison cell

Harperism Is ... Scaring Seniors

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The Real Reason Cons are Scaring Seniors

Harperism Is ... Threatening Widows

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